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Get rid of boring builder-grade doors and make a stylistic shift from traditional to artistic. 

We will custom design sliding doors to match your room's colors, furnishings, and themes, making your room "complete". Choose from 6-panel or fan-fold closet doors to sliding doors with artistic expression. Lose the knobs and free up space while adding a decorative alternative to your doors!

We will custom design sliding doors to match your room's colors, furnishings, and themes, making your room "complete". 

Which Style of Door Would You Like? 

Painted Glass Doors

Wood Doors

Mirror Doors


When purchasing your closet doors from us you have two options for installation:  

Installed by Us... 

  • Delivery is free when closet doors are installed by us! 

Contractor Installation... 

  • We offer competitive delivery rates for closets installed by contractors
  • Installation instructions are provided.

How to Measure: 

( for sliding doors application)


Measure the closet’s finished opening width in 3 places and take the biggest of these measurements. Measure at the top, bottom and center of the opening.


Measure the closet’s finished opening height in 3 places and take the smallest of the measurements. Measure the right, center and left side of the opening. 

Measure both width and height of finished opening to the nearest ¼”.  

These measurements you are taking are only to provide you with an initial quote. They should not be used for final doors manufacturing. Our company will send technician to your location to measure once your project is approved for processing.

Frames & Accessories

Door Inserts 

Your closet doors can be customized by adding in wood, mirror or glass inserts creating a door that unique to your tastes

Glass Inserts






Mirror Inserts




Wood Inserts

Fresno Glacial

Roble Bello

Bohemian Blanco

Roble Colorado

Roble Azabache

Nogal Slow

Roble Eternity

Roble Oasis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is your lead time for doors manufacturing?

If we use our stock materials lead time is 14 days. Special orders may take land extra 4 to 6 weeks

Do you offer installation?

Yes, we can install or your contractor can install the doors as well. If your contractor does the installation we are happy to provide you with installation instructions.

Will you come to measure and provide quotes on-site?

Yes we do. Once we learn more about your project we will provide you with free initial estimate. Click here to Request a Free Quote. 

If you decide to move forward, we will send our designer to finalize all details in your place ( including taking precise measurement of your space)

Do I need a professional installer?

You don’t ’need’ a professional installer, but that’s not to say they won’t do a great job. All of our sliding doors can be installed by a competent semi-professional or a general handyman.

How long do sliding wardrobe doors take to install?

In most cases a few hours and hardest installations can still be done in a long day. It all depends on the amount of doors and general scope of work.

Can sliding doors be installed by one person?

Most of the installation is a one person job, but the actual lifting of the doors upstairs, and the lifting of larger doors into the tracks should be done by 2 people.

Do you deliver your doors?

Yes, we offer local delivery within 150 miles radius from our store. 

What is your delivery fee?

If our company is installing the doors, delivery is included.

In other cases, we offer local delivery within 150 miles radius.

  • NJ  -$175 ( within 60 miles radius)
  • NJ - $275 ( within 61-100 miles radius)
  • NJ-  $375 ( within 101-150 miles radius)
  • Long Island, NYC and its boroughs within 60 miles - $275

Delivery does not include unloading. Someone must be present to unload.

Are tracks included with my sliding doors cost?

Yes. We supply matching tracks with all our sliding doors at NO additional cost. You do not need to buy them separately.

What are your painted glass doors made of?

Our colored glass sliding doors are made from glass that is lacquered (painted) on the reverse side, and then laminated with a safety film that passes safety standards. It's one of the highest quality gloss finishes on the market.

Do I need wall and floor liners, and if so what are they for?

You do not always need floor or wall liners, but they do frame the opening nicely and also give you an opportunity to square your opening by packing them out until they are vertical or horizontal. We do recommend them on the floor if you are installing on top of carpet, if your doors have soft close.

If my opening is not square, will your sliding doors work?

Our wheels adjust in height by up to 1/2 inch so the system can handle a sloping ceiling, floor or non vertical wall. That said, soft close works better with a squarer opening, so try to get them as square as possible, but don’t panic if they are not perfect.

Do you have a showroom?

We manufacture the best range of sliding doors on the market.

You can see them in our showroom at:138 Midland Ave, Garfield NJ 07026. Please call before and set up appointment : (201) 766-4361.

If you are ready to have the customized storage solution that is perfect for you and your lifestyle - let’s chat