Installation Instruction

Step 1

Mount Upper Track to soffit or ceiling. Use appropriate mounting hardware for your field conditions.

Step 2

Place Bottom Track in proper position. (do not attach to floor until door position is confirmed)

Step 3

Position Door Panel into opening by sliding top of panel into upper track. Rest bottom of door panel on the floor in front of the bottom track. Lift the door up ( bottom wheels has spring mechanism so you might push the bottom wheels up with your fingers in order to locate the doors above proper bottom track side. Insert lower wheels into track slot)

Step 4

Test slide the panel to both ends of the opening, mark proper position of the lower track. Attach track to floor with screws.

Step 5

Install all panels on appropriate tracks as described in Step 3. Finally adjust ( level) door panels to side walls by slightly turning wheel screws located on the side of the door.